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How much are they? 5 Star Rating At Vanderbilt our philosophy is simple. 2.5K likes. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Misty Mountain Samoyeds, Inc. and is located at 334 Foster Rd., Vestal, NY 13850. I think in some post somewhere on Reddit I wrote the words "U.S. and Canada" and in my mind I conflated this with writing this post because I wrote this really fast, This is a good resource as well!! Even if it takes an hour or two travel time to visit the breeder’s home, it is the best and safest way to assure you are buying a Samoyed puppy that you have seen and approved. Scammers do this as there is a possibility that you will relent and pay for shipping. Reaching out to clubs or people involved in shows before specialties happen is a great way to meet some dogs and see what they're all about. The simplify it by having as few methods of contact as possible. I think both have their merits to use and it's important to crosscheck both, but InfoDog is more powerful with a better UI than AKC at this point. The health testing and accomplishments of the parents, their relatives, and ancestors is what should be a bigger factor in finding a quality puppy. It does not cost them anything if you insist on driving cross country to an address that has no connection with the scam. I met dozens of dogs - some were calmer, some were amped up, some barked nonstop, others were pensive and quiet. The vast majority of breeders who fall under this category do appropriate health tests for their dogs, share them publicly (many use OFA that has a box in the top left that allows you to "Search OFA for Health Tested Results" - you can search the breeding dog's health tests or any dogs in the kennels you are interested in to see their results) or PennHip for hip scoring, and perform these tests on at least their breeding dogs; some require testing on all the dogs they produce). Do not pay with Paypal “Friends and Family” as this offers no protection. If it sounds too great, it probably is. They will make up 100 excuses for why you cannot pick up the puppy in person. If it is a scammer the first replies to your questions will be well written however this a script that they are coping and pasting. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. You can send a Domain Abuse Report to, Inc by clicking the button and completing the form. Ask around! Contact Information. It just doesn’t happen. Join Facebook to connect with Kylie Sprowell and others you may know. Thank you again for the excellent resource! But I've done all these things like writing a great e-mail and people aren't still responding! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Camelot (@cam.the.samstagram), Cherry & IHOP the Chi mixes, This is an excellent article from Forbes Magazine, Here's a series done by an r/dogs poster on the costs, risks, and complexities of breeding her Canaan Dogs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3, Here's another even more in-depth series done by an r/dogs poster on r/corgi on the costs, risks and complexities of breeding her Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6. Search to see what other people have said about them on Facebook. These are a little tricky to find, but going through to find a close show and looking up a premium is a great way to see what is going to be at a show. No breeders found. Collies in general are more popular than Samoyeds but Smooth Collies are significantly less prevalent and recognizable than Rough Collies (basically Lassie) and she managed to find one through outreach, attending shows, going through Collie networks, etc. So, if the price seems too good, it probably is not legit. It would take them a lot longer if they needed a new email, phone and address for each one. Prairie Isle. Can they keep you up to date with pictures of the puppy as they grow? These shows tend to draw many attendees within the breed and gives exhibitors a chance to gain many points towards their dogs' championships. If you have been checking the price of Samoyed puppies that you are interested in buying and a puppy comes up that is way below the going price, there is a reason for it. The Samoyed is a friendly, personable dog. It is not as hard as it might seem. Are they on any social media sites? Samtasia Samoyeds. Stop sending money to anyone connected with, Report it to the Federal Trade Commission. A genuine breeders website will have a location, phone number, email and probably social media links. In the report, claimed that at least 80 percent of the sponsored advertising links that appear in internet searches for pets may be fraudulent. Done. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. shows are being held. The current median price for all Samoyeds sold is $2,097.50. If the puppy pictures were stolen from another website, this site would find the original source. A 2017 BBB investigation that found an increase of online pet scams in the U.S., with an “unusually high” number of scams targeting people in their late teens or 20s. In the report, claimed that at least 80 percent of the sponsored advertising links that appear in internet searches for pets may be fraudulent. Scammers’ websites do not stay up for very long. An additional note: GOOGLE YOUR BREEDER. Pridruži se Facebooku in se poveži z Susana Braz Teixeira in ostalimi, ki jih poznaš. The same applies to the UK, New Zealand, Australia or other English-speaking countries. These kinds of breeders can range from well-meaning home breeders to large-scale commercial breeders with substandard conditions, to anything in between. Person to person contact is reassuring, but visiting the breeders’ home, seeing the puppies and the puppies’ parents make the interaction real. This is because they will charge you much more for the shipping that you have paid for the puppy. 2 litters due summer 2020 *****please email for further information***** puppy package I've had many people offer to make introductions on my behalf to their breeders or people in the breed. Once the scammer has both in his possession, it is simple to add them online. File reports with as many agencies that you can find. Susana Braz Teixeira je na Facebooku. Facebook omogoča ljudem, da delijo, ter ustvarja bolj odprt in povezan svet. Many breeders are busy, don't love e-mail, and prefer a good conversation, so a phone call will go a long way. This is because the majority of Puppy Scammers actually originate in Cameroon, West Africa. According to Whois, was registered with, Inc on October 13, 2020 which was only 2 months and 5 days ago.. r/dogs has a survey that asks many similar questions a breeder will expect you to answer on puppy questionnaires. One small edit., Often times I see people who set really bad expectations. These are intelligent dogs, with a touch of independence. Many of these breeders produce health guarantees (often times guaranteeing certain health aspects for over a year), and will take back dogs for life if the owner's situation changes and they cannot care for their Samoyed anymore. This is an excellent article from Forbes Magazine which discusses the risks of what kind of risks you take buying a puppy produced without health tests in comparison for one that does. Dog Group: Working Size: 19-24 inches tall, 35-65 lbs Lifespan: 12-14 years Energy Level: High Coat: Long, harsh outer coat with a soft, thick undercoat Shedding: Heavy Hypoallergenic: No. One way to do this is by going on their turf. The vast majority of responsible breeders do a lot of early socialization with the puppies, crate training, housebreaking, desensitization, and other things to give the puppy the best chance at having a great start to life. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. A lot of people in the breeder community are involved in some way with Samoyed rescue or know people who are. I see this happen all the time on Facebook, and often times if I see people on the internet, even Reddit, thoughtfully post about Samoyeds and the research they've done on the breed and feel that they're good fits, I'll even offer to ask around on their behalf. has already been reported on under Samoyed scams. Scammers often use privacy protection to hide their details but also use false information. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Ask people in the know what they think about various programs, and how they have been involved in the Samoyed community. Quite simply, the best guide to the Samoyed I've seen. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. At the very least, they should be able to provide a picture of the puppy’s mother. Here's another great article written by a Samoyed breeder about what exactly goes into the number you spend on your future dog. Dołącz do Facebooka, aby nawiązać kontakt z Victorią Rose Wilkins oraz innymi osobami, które możesz znać. Keirstin Kaminski on Facebookissa. While not a definite sign, that should at least send up a red flag. It's been way easier for me to reach out to potential breeders and enthusiasts on Facebook than any other medium. Since the club puts this on, they tend to get judges very intimate with the breed (as opposed to judges who are group generalists or specialize in other breeds). Scammers spend time creating multiple new websites. Do not immediately rule these breeders that refuse admittance to their kennels, as they may have a good reason for not allowing access to their kennels. Can they provide the pictures of the puppy’s parents or grandparents? And often times, I do. It may help get a bigger picture of what the breeder has been up to over the past few years. Jacqueline Dzaluk is on Facebook. Top Seller Nation Wide! All of these are things responsible breeders go through, and often lose money for, including Samoyed breeders. Some all-breed shows have "meet the breeds" events or get a good amount of entries in a breed, so looking up the show's premium is a great way to find out the number of expected entries. Not a show dog! Bred to live in a tent in very close quarters with their families, they thrive on human company. Liity Facebookiin ja pidä yhteyttä käyttäjän Keirstin Kaminski ja muiden tuttujesi kanssa. Breeders who don't prove their dogs or health test. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a puppy they should oblige you with a video call! An article An article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about Roger Slack and his packgoats. Instead I'd recommend going to the source: to get a list of shows in a specific are. These are questions any future dog owner should ask themselves, and presenting them in a well-written intro e-mail introducing yourself, what you do, why you want a Samoyed, and your goals for your dog (even if it's something like earning a CGC, doing therapy work, or being a good family dog) will often times help your cause. We’ve all heard about Puppy Scams, but how do you know whether your perfect puppy is coming from a scam website like or a legitimate Samoyed breeder site on the internet? Great point! Every AKC-licensed breed club is required to hold one show a year, which is commonly referred to as a "specialty". Managing expectations is a big part of the process, and this includes what you feel is important and appropriate for health guarantees and timing. They want a puppy within a few weeks and are frustrated that the breeder next door breeds once or twice a year, don't want to travel and their area is limited in choices, or they want an inexpensive puppy and don't want to spend more than a price that is way too low for the regional going-rate. Herding Novice weight pull Sanctioned weight pull Agility Obedience Conformation HERDING OCTOBER 13, 200 American Herding Breed Association (AHBA) Herding This helps put these puppy scammers out of business. There are a few places to get a Samoyed dog out there: Responsible, reputable breeders. When are you planning a litter?" Whois is a database that will allow you to look at the person who owns the site. Losing money, not matter what your financial situation is difficult to take. How likely is it to get (instead of a puppy) an adult dog no longer suitable for breeding? There is no guarantee that you will recover your losses, but there are a few things you still should do. They aren't breeding for you, they're breeding for whatever their purpose is, which is why many great breeders don't breed often especially if they are on limited resources. Nowadays, most people start their search for a Samoyed puppy on the internet. This is because genuine breeders want to be contacted by what ever method is convenient to you. If the breeder thinks you are a great candidate but doesn't have puppies or are planning any at the moment, they will go great lengths to ask around for the right person to see if other breeding programs are in need of quality homes. Liity Facebookiin ja pidä yhteyttä käyttäjän Kylie Sprowell ja muiden tuttujesi kanssa. Do not accept a PO box for an address. If it is recent, it could mean you are dealing with puppy scams. It truly feels horrible when you discover you have been a victim of puppy scams. George would love to buy a springer spaniel however he is still waiting for permission from Perl, his cat. 328 Federal Rd. Pet Breeder. Sometimes it's as small as a disqualifying color or height fault for the ring. Post anything related to Samoyeds just please read the rules before posting! The truth is, great breeders are busy. AKC is just a registry of purebred dogs; the fact the dog has a pedigree just proves that it is purebred and does not attest to the quality of the dog. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Ohio. Tell them that you want your name and their website written on a piece of paper in the video. What makes you a good home for one? Helping you find the perfect puppy and ensuring they grow up happy and healthy. When I lived on the East Coast, I attended Westminster's Meet the Breeds and looked up shows in my home state, after I moved to the West Coast I attended a few shows to meet the local Samoyed community, and last Fall, I went to Samoyed Nationals in Oregon. There are normally beautiful photos of small puppies all appearing to be between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. If you are in the US, scan the wording and determine if it is a native speaking US citizen. The emotional loss of know the puppy you already started to love will never be yours. Study the photographs well. Keywords: yellow pages, white pages, find business, local, find people, spotswood boro message boards, spotswood boro seek message boards, samtasia samoyeds, topix … Not all good breeders are on social media, but many are on at least one form of social media, often Facebook. Many don't act like well-run businesses, mainly because they don't aim for profits. Keirstin Kaminski is on Facebook. They prefer not to speak to you as this may arouse your suspicions. Infectious disease is one such reason. Many times (but not always) these dogs are a couple hundred bucks cheaper. Ask them if they can ship in two weeks and see what they say? My good Reddit friend acquired her Smooth Collie this way and she posted a comprehensive writeup of her experiences here. Most good breeders will start photographing their puppies from birth onward. 1358 County Route 24, Granville, NY 12832. Many scam sites will only have one or two pictures of a puppy that is 8 or 9 weeks old. If you are adamant that you will pick up the puppy in person the scammer will eventually relent and arrange an appointment to meet. Occasionally a breeder will have washouts from their show program and many times the rehoming may not be widespread and announced within closed breed communities. Scammers will normally insist on shipping the puppy to you. We are currently on an informal waiting list of a litter just born, waiting to see if a puppy matches our requirements, and have a rental car booked tentatively in a few weeks if everything is just right. Responsible breeders want to know who you are, why you want a dog, what you are planning to do with the dogs they're breeding. like "samtasia samoyeds" on face book. Thank you for visiting the Vanderbilt Samoyeds website. InfoDog is regional and misses much of the US. Here is a list of Samoyed breeders located all around the United States to help you find the perfect dog. If you ask continue to ask questions about the puppy the scammers answers deteriorate and become much shorter. You can search part of the text to see if the testimonial has been used on other scam websites. Finding dog shows to meet people at is a tough task (mainly because of the way some of these websites are set up), but reaching out to people involved in your Regional Clubs is a great way to do so. For example, if you visit one site that may have a parvo outbreak and then travel to another breeder, you can unwittingly pass on the parvovirus to the dogs in the second kennel creating a biohazard to the breeder. If there is information about the breed you can use Copyscape to see if the content has been stolen.

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