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PROFESSOR DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL Engineering 2. Description. Development of protection relays led to an appearance of a multi-functional device, a universal relay, made of IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) blocks. The equipment used to perform protection Relays are just one component of the “Protection System” Relays Circuit Breakers (or switches) Input Sources (CTs, PTs, Sensors, I/O) DC System (battery) Interconnection (wiring , controls, integration) The best Relay Techs (and engineers) have expertise on the entire “Protection System”, not just the relays! protection components used by top companies worldwide. Without adequate protection, those substations are subject to failure on numerous fronts. There is normally a single function in the old relays so that lots of equipment are used to protect, control and monitor a substation bay. There are two 115 kV feeds to two 30 MVA transformers that are resistance grounded on the 13 kV side, limiting ground fault current to about 400A from each transformer. An alternative principle for line protection that is quickly becoming the norm is differential protection. This will be used for discussions in some of the material that follows. faults. Figure 1 shows extensive use of relays that would be representative of a large industrial load. 70% of those surveyed estimate that hidden costs such as repairs, downtime, and late deliveries are not included in their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In Siddik Kardesler Substation the MV voltage feeders’ protection is provided by overcurrent relays. Substation protection devices 1. Busbar Protection ES 586b: Theory and Application of Protective Relays Nima Hejazi Alhosseini 250446515 Instructor: Dr. T.S. For example protection relays used in substations. Relay classification, Principle of different types of electromagnetic relay. Protection Relay Applications: While the most common application is the overcurrent protection relay, transformer protection and other power system protection applications are also very common. Standard transmission line protection methods may include phase overcurrent, ground Substation The following are locations within the ARTC electrical network which are classified as system substations for the purpose of this document. Electrical Substation maintenance is a key component of any substation owner's electrical maintenance program. SIPROTEC 5 SIPROTEC 5 is part of the new generation of incomparable modular, flexible, and intelligent digital field devices. In the electric power industry, an intelligent electronic device (IED) is an integrated microprocessor-based controller of power system equipment, such as circuit breakers, transformers and capacitor banks.. the use of protection systems to reduce arc flash energy in distribution systems). The compartment is usually accessed by a hinged door and does not require any isolation or operation of the switchgear for safe access. It has been well documented that failures in key procedures such as racking mechanisms, meters, relays and busses are among the most common source of unplanned outages. There is also only limited communication between protection devices, and each device is only aware of the bay in which it is installed. Substation Maintenance I Substation Maintenance II When registering use Promo Code: NOVEMBER *This offer can only be applied to courses registered after October 17, 2017 and attended on or before November 30, 2017. Relays are basically sensing gadgets which are devoted for sensing faults and are determining its location as well as sending interruption message of tripped command to the specific point of the circuit. General equation of phase and magnitude comparators, Duality of comparators, Electromagnetic relays, over current relays Directional relays, Distance relay- impedance, Reactance and Mho type, Differential relays. IEC 61850 Certified ed 2. relays to other substation information hosting devices. 1201211280 Department of Electrical Engineering Orissa engineering college Guided by: ER.DEBASHISH MISHRA ASST. The specific relays used can be either of electro-mechanical, solid-state, or microprocessor-based design (Refer 1.6). Protection relays are essential for network operators, electricity suppliers, and industrial enterprises in every sector. This offer cannot be used towards courses already purchased or added to any other existing discounts. The relays discussed apply the relay function. Protective Relays Introduction Protective Relaying is one of the several features of the power system design. Protection System Design for Substation - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Protection relay for distribution feeders, transformers and generators, transmission line backup, and BCU (bay control unit). relays, fail-safe designs, and thorough testing of protection schemes. Substation Protection Specialists 14% Area Engineers/Technicians 11% Transmission, substation, distribution settings personnel 11% Other 4% When asked if recent organizational or technology changes caused a change in the responsibilities for application and setting of distribution protection within their organization, 33% responded that changes had been made. The network design and the configuration of these messaging computers impact the speed and reliability of relaying. Simulation of electric supply substation using ETAP Current transformer (CT) and Potential transformers Magnitude of voltage on swing bus (bus 1 132kV) is (PT) are used in substation for metering and protection 100% while due to voltage drops in other two outgoing purposes. On the other hand, in the modern protection schemes, smart protection relays support more functions in one piece of device. These hidden costs can add an additional 10-30% to the TCO of equipment. system supply, some protection aspects need to be revisited (i.e. Relays: Relays are a dedicated component of electrical substation equipment for the protection of system against abnormal situations e.g. As such, Ethernet switches and LANs become the new replacements for auxiliary relays in protection schemes. Sidhu The types of protective relays that are usually used for various elements of hydro station are discussed in the respective sections of this chapter. Every part of the power system is protected. With ability to performe different protective tasks, there are a lot of other functions integrated in it: metering, monitoring, control, automation incorporated into the design of a relay as functional blocks. The IRF is applicable in any substation scheme, from single / double bus, to ring-bus or breakerand- a-half substations. So just as motor protection relay is common, so are phase monitoring relay applications. In this 21.21 Types of Protection 497 CONTENTS CONTENTS 498 Principles of Power System chapter, we shall focus our attention on the various types of relays and their increasing use for the protection of power system. The use of numerical technology in Pro-tection and Automation has provided multi-functional equipment with serial communica-tion. the protection relays, control equipment and wiring is installed. Presentation on Substation Protection Devices Presented by: Rahul Kumar Roll no. protection, Requirements of a protective scheme, Basic terminology components of protection scheme. Our solutions continue GE’s century long tradition of power system innovation. • Inject current and voltage to operate protection functions used in the logic • Operate inputs to the relay that are used in the logic • Verify outputs that are operated by the logic • Verify DC circuitry correct to end device • Auxiliary relays, lock-out relays, trip coils, etc. The factors affecting the choice of protection are type and rating of equipment, location of the equipment, types of funks, abnormal conditions and cost. For over 100 years, Siemens has been offering successful and always innovative SIPROTEC and Reyrolle protection relays and technologies. Pioneering key principle advancements over the last 100 years, GE continues to lead the way making new protection, control and automation applications possible. From generators to transmission lines, to motors and beyond, we ensure dependable, safe power worldwide. 125069 Regd. Chapter 12: Protection Schemes and Substation Design Diagrams Previous chapters have detailed the make up and operating characteristics of various types of protection relays.

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